A Complete Gym in Your Home

Exercise DVDs

Exercise DVDS In Your Complete Gym

You bought the dumbbells, the mat and bars when all of a sudden you realize that if you had a structured routine, you might see progress that much faster.

DVD Workouts

Enter the wonderful world of the DVD workout. DVDs can break up the monotony of the daily routine. Maybe you don’t want to sit on that recumbent bike for an hour. Just pop a DVD into your player and start moving with some of the hottest instructors out there.


The P90X Extreme Home Fitness Workout Program is a mouth workout in itself and Tony Horton is generating huge buzz over his program. The reviews range anywhere from "fantastic" to "annoying." This is a program that will demand your attention, commitment and, at $139.00, your pocketbook. Dumbbells, resistance bands, a pull up bar and a 6 foot-by-6-foot space are required to make this system work for you.


Insanity DVD

The “Insanity” line is another dandy by the folks at Beachbody. Make no mistake about it, the folks at Beachbody are a dedicated lot and work hard to bring you some challenging workouts.
Do you need them? About 80% of you actually don’t need this, but if it gets you moving, gets your heart pumping and puts muscles on you skinny self, then it isn’t a bad thing. There are several different versions of Insanity. Some are more expensive than others, depending on the number of workout videos are included in the package.

How many of these workouts do you really need? Well, that’s the interesting part. The body has a great recovery system. It not only reacts to muscle stress (like strength-training) it actually “remembers” what you did and basically builds up a sort of immunity to the process.
That is why you hit “plateaus” where nothing happens. To overcome this, you have to “keep it interesting” by creating “muscle confusion” so you can keep buying DVDs and selling off your old ones.

Dance Workouts

The dance workouts are probably here to stay. You can find DVDs that will move you like they do in the clubs and you can get fit in the process. Generally speaking, if you are moving and raising your heart rate, you are getting a decent workout. Don’t forget that about 50% of all started workout routines fail. If you can combat the boredom and drudgery of the “daily motion,” you can keep your fitness goals on track.

Brazil Butt

brazil butt on tv
Oh, you know you've seen this on TV even if you didn't turn it on intentionally. With all of the super models smiling at 2:30 in the morning, it's easy to see why everyone watches. This is all the rage and the reviews on this particular set of DVDs are pretty good.


This is a dance-type workout that all kinds of people fall in love with. It's definitely one of the most popular exercise movements in the last 10 years. If you want to know if it works, just talk to the people who have done it for a few weeks. The results of the classes speak for themselves. One woman reported to me that her heart rate monitor was running as high as it does in her spin classes. That's pretty hot.

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