A Complete Gym in Your Home


5 Pieces of Exercise Equipment Found Around the Home

One the great advantages to bodyweight training is its inherent diversity. You can do any number of exercises without using any equipment at all. Want a bigger challenge? Simply add a pull-up bar or a dipping station and that will keep you pushing your limits for a long time to come. Having said that, you…

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A Training Advantage? Try Mechanical Drop Sets

The Invisible Advantage With its inherent ability to allow for increasing the challenge and to work out anywhere while directly affecting your strength-to-weight ratio, more and more people are discovering the efficiency of bodyweight training. This kind of workout needs no class instruction or equipment. Unfortunately, the same freedom from the constraints of a formal…

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13 Push Up Variations [VIDEO]

13 Variations on the Push Up

Vary Your Push-ups for Faster Results This is all about push-ups. It’s one of those gym exercises that can turn from a dreaded obstacle to something that is nearly a craft in and of itself. With 13 varieties here, you can start easy, working one set of 8 – 10 reps a day. If you…

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