A Complete Gym in Your Home

5 Pieces of Exercise Equipment Found Around the Home

One the great advantages to bodyweight training is its inherent diversity. You can do any number of exercises without using any equipment at all. Want a bigger challenge? Simply add a pull-up bar or a dipping station and that will keep you pushing your limits for a long time to come.

Having said that, you can get even more variation without resorting to traditionally gym equipment by finding more things to lean on or hang from around your home. Let’s see what we can find and how we can use them


Don’t want an ab roller? A skateboard can give you the same workout and with a little imagination, a few moves the ab roller just can’t handle (hamstring extensions, anyone?)

It’s probably been sitting around gathering dust and waiting for someone to play with it… so get on it.


Different chair heights mean different options for dips, inverted push-ups and planks. Just be sure the legs are sturdy and the floor grip is solid. You don’t want to spend more on re-staining a wood floor finish than you would to build a dedicated dipping station.


Towels aren’t just for tricep extensions. You can also use them for neutral grip pull-ups. Need help with that outer thigh stretch? Step into the towel and you’ll be able to control that stretch out much farther than usual without the risk of over-extension.


A great replacement for balancing when you are attempting push-ups or planks. You’ll definitely want some hand protection - gloves or wraps. The extra focus needed to stay balanced will help to keep your mind sharp through all types of physical performance.

Punching Bag

Not everyone has one but they can be found at many garage sales on any given weekend or a search on Craigslist will probably turn up a few local results. If you have the space for a full body bag, this is a great piece of equipment to invest in.

Also pick up some wraps (you can pick up on ebay) and gloves and you’ll see noticeable changes in your body with a just a few weeks of jabs, crosses, hooks, and upper cuts.

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