A Complete Gym in Your Home

Can You Get a Legit Workout at Home?

It's pretty well-known these days that you don't need an expensive gym membership to get a solid workout. In fact, there's a trend going on now that you don't need much equipment at all.

That's great news for those that are trying to minimize the amount of stuff they have in there home, whether it be for functional reasons or aesthetic ones.

There are things that need to be considered before starting a home workout program. We look at these below.

What are Your Fitness Goals?

First off, you need to decide what you want to get out of a gym.

  • Are you looking for a way out of your local gym membership?
  • Does your work schedule or home schedule fluctuate and you want to make sure you don't miss a workout?
  • Are you training for a special event and want some equipment that will take your regular program up a notch?
  • Are you just looking for a way to get off the couch without missing a TV show?

Whether it's a lifestyle change or a training tactic, your fitness goals are large factors in determining what equipment you need.

Do You Know What You're Doing?

If you don't understand the fundamentals of weight training and cardio intensities, you may want to rethink this idea. The easiest way to get hurt is through a lack of knowledge.
On the other hand, if you are intent on working out at home but really do lack direction, you might want to consider hiring a personal trainer, not only to help you workout, but to help you build your home gym.

How Much Space Do You Have for Your Home Gym?

After you address your fitness needs, whether they be a bare-bones complete workout, strength training, muscle building (not necessarily the same as strength training) or training for a sport-specific event, you're going to want to consider how much space you are willing to sacrifice for your complete gym. For instance, you may want a Bowflex machine and bicycle trainer for your bicycle but if you live in a studio apartment, you're going to have to re-think the process because that equipment probably won't fit if you still want a bed and dresser in your home. You also may not be able to use that mini-trampoline if you're on the third floor of an apartment complex.

If you’ve ever seen Extreme Makeover: Weight-loss Edition, you’ll see that specialist Chris Powell will often times radically transform his clients’ homes. He does this not just to ensure the participant doesn’t miss a workout, but he also recognizes that certain environments trigger old habits, ie., if you want to stop snacking on the couch, get rid of the couch. It may seem like a radical idea to replace the couch with a recumbent bike for watching television, but it removes the “passive” element from the activity.

How Many Friends Do You Have at the Gym?

For some people, it isn't just the workout that gets people to the gym. It's the people they meet that are on similar journeys.

There's a powerful community that can be tapped into at your local gym if you need it and workout out at home means losing a very important part of that community.

If you enjoy talking with people in classes, have a sparring partner, or spotting partner, you may want to rethink exactly what you need to get done at home and if you really should give up that membership.

What is this Home Workout System Going to Cost?

Lastly, of course, is budget. How much are you willing to spend on your gym? Yeah, we know - now how much can you realistically spend? Don't forget that little things add up so be sure to include things like a step riser and gym mat. There's nothing like losing your focus and your workout because you suddenly realized that giving it your all means dripping sweat on newly refinished hard wood floors.

It usually follows that your fitness goals will determine how much space you'e willing to sacrifice. That, special acoustical considerations, and your budget will determine what kind of equipment you should be investing in to complete a home gym that you'll actually use because it meets all of your fitness needs.

CompleteGym.net addresses several options available to you, no matter what your goals are.

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